Limerick teens learn about paramedic studies at University of Limerick

The Graduate Entry Medical School, in the University of Limerick, recently launched a new BSc. in Paramedic Sciences. To promote this, they opened their doors to pupils from St Enda’s Community School and CBS Sexton Street. They held an event to show the school children the important role of paramedics, and to interest them in an eventual career in this field. CMEDIA were on hand for video production, and we were highly impressed by the unique opportunity afforded to the pupils.

Throughout the day, the students were on hand to witness the aftermath of a simulated accident first hand. They watched and participated in an emergency services demonstration that involved a full car crash extraction. The full response simulation included paramedics from the National Ambulance Service, Civil Defence EMTs, Clare Fire Service and An Garda Siochana Traffic Corps.

“The aim is to show them that they’re working in a team. They’re working in a big team. … The whole purpose of the exercise really is to show it’s all about team work, it’s not about the individual. You’re never alone working in healthcare.” – Professor Michael Larvin, Head of the Graduate Entry Medical School.

Before the simulation began, the group received a full briefing on what to expect. They also participated in a post exercise de-brief with the services involved. The children’s response was fantastic, with volunteers quickly filling all the roles in the simulation.

In order to further share the day’s events with students from Limerick and beyond, the Medical School arranged for CMEDIA to film the proceedings. We then edited this into a four minute, corporate video production to be used for promoting the launch on the website, in the press and on social media. This allowed even more to engage with the day’s events.